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The history Kashmir carpet culmination of artistic magnificence -date back to the period of Said-Ul-Auliya Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani 1341-1385 A.D The skills and knowledge that he brought to kashmir gave rise to an entire industry on which  our company is based.
We touched the lives of people  across Kashmir by keeping the industry alive and updating the carpet weaving technology from time to time.
The manufacturing  product line provides a connection between the weaver and the consumers across the world.

The mission  of cashmere centre sarl is to preserve, promote and encourage the artisans of Kashmir and to profess the holistic development of our workers to help them become self reliant, serving the community with integrity and compassion.

Vision statement
We at cashmere centre sarl, have a vision for our artisans and traders in the valley of Kashmir to provide a economy based livelihood, thereby promoting and keeping the heritage and culture alive.

Tradition of trust and transparency. We believe that the business should function in a progressive manner so that it benefits its stakeholders and creates overall value for society.

To remove the brokers and directly outreach the consumer with the beauty of craftsmanship from the skilled artisans who deserve better life and in pursuit of that our contribution revolves around creating contemporary designs,building public relations and better facilities forgot the improved of the lifestyle of artisans and at the same time offering the consumers best possible craftsmanship.
We add further features like state of  art design lab and final finishing of the products and in the process try to preserve the heritage of our great history.

No child labour is involved in the manufacture of our products. We specifically lay stress on women empowerment. We believe in using eco-friendly techniques of manufacture.

Awards and Recognitions
We are among the leading manufacturers from the valley of Kashmir and have received various state and national recognition awards for our contribution to the industry.

Practical Information

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  • +352 621 748 420

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